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Alternate Financing

Use Our Money To Increase Your Strategic Options

As your business requirements change, so must your equipment, software applications and overall strategic outline. Many corporations no longer choose to allocate large capital expenditures to assets that will be outdated or that have alternative cash leveragability. Large capital expenditures, such as land, buildings and equipment can often create immense leverage and cash flow opportunities for an organization.

Maintain Leading Edge Technology - Do More With Less!

Equipment and software advances that allow you to maximize productivity (with fewer people) will continually render your hardware obsolete. Let leasing provide you with the flexibility to take advantage of these improvements, and to continue to offer state-of-the-art services while reducing your overall combined manpower and hardware costs.

Why Customers Select A 'Lease'

  • Technology Rotation, because the lessee does not own the equipment this pre-sets the stage to replace the leased equipment with new equipment at the end of the lease term.
  • Standardization, all users can be efficiently supported because they are all using the same type of equipment and the exact type of equipment is known before a maintenance or repair call is made.
  • Disposal, the lessee does not have to create a separate department to dispose of old equipment.
  • Budget, no capital dollars are required. The customer can use their money to make more products or offer more services where their margins are extremely higher. The industry saying is buy assets that appreciate, lease assets that depreciate.
  • Equipment Tracking, let the lessor maintain a data base of serial #'s, quantities, detailed equipment descriptions, lease expirations, maintenance history, upgrades, add-ons, etc. and have this data base available to the lessee, FREE of charge.

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