Finances Offered

Types Of Alternative Financing

Fair Market Value (FMV)

Purchase Options provide the lowest monthly payment. You may be able to write-off the entire payment as part of your operating budget, just like a phone bill.

$1.00 Purchase Option

This is the alternative to depleting cash reserves. The purchase option is similar to a bank loan in many respects.

30, 60, 90+ Day Deferred Payments

This is a great structure for data center implementations. These deferred payments permit you to place the technology into service, while allowing it to pay for itself in advance.

Step-Up, Step-Down Payments

Payment schedules designed to grow with you, or to remain within your budget.


eTrenzik is here to help you maintain your operating budget requirements by helping you consolidate multiple schedules into a single monthly payment, when necessary.

Sale-Lease Back

This can be an ideal structure for companies looking to gain operating budget management for additional existing assets. The sale-lease back alternative is an arrangement whereby eTrenzik may be able to purchase your assets and lease them back to you.

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