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Obtain Leasing for your customers today!

Why offer Leasing?

Leasing makes your products more accessible to your customers. It offers a convenient way for the customer to acquire your product and provides individualized payment options that make the equipment more affordable. Leasing also provides more alternatives to your customers; for example, you may be able to bundle installation and delivery costs into the lease, thereby reducing the customer's up-front investment. Leasing is a sales and marketing tool that results in increased sales and incremental sales that ultimately enhance a company's profitability. According to the Equipment Leasing Association 83% of all U.S. corporations lease equipment, with an estimated $326 billion of equipment leased in 2006. Customers who want to Lease their equipment view the supplier or manufacturer sponsored leases as their first and best source. A Supplier that has a leasing option for its customers can avoid delays and is in better control of the sale. A captive lease program can result in customer retention by developing long-term relationships. It's all about the ease with which your customers can acquire products from you and get their funds at a single source through a seamless process; rather than depending on inflexible credit scoring systems. Our credit analysts investigate the idiosyncrasies of each customer. This improves our approval ratio and increases our effectiveness in supporting your business.

Leasing Rational:

  • Eliminate customer receivables
  • Promote sales and increase revenue
  • Provide affordable monthly payment options for customers
  • Receive quick credit approval and prompt funding
  • Increase repeat business by leasing additional equipment upgrades

An eTrenzik Leasing Program provides you with:

  • "Leasing 101" training for your Sales Representatives
  • Custom applications
  • Joint marketing programs
  • Trade show support
  • Plus many more benefits

Why do customers choose to Lease?

  • Technology Rotation, because the lessee does not own the equipment this pre-sets the stage to replace the leased equipment with new equipment at the end of the lease term.
  • Standardization, all users can be efficiently supported because they are all using the same type of equipment and the exact type of equipment is known before a maintenance or repair call is made.
  • Disposal, the lessee doses not have to create a separate department to dispose of old equipment.
  • Budget, no capital dollars are required. The customer can use their money to make more products or offer more services where their margins are extremely higher. The industry saying is 'buy assets that appreciate, lease assets that depreciate'.
  • Equipment Tracking, let the lessor maintain a data base of serial #'s, quantities, detailed equipment descriptions, lease expirations, maintenance history, upgrades, add-ons, etc. and have this data base available to the lessee, FREE of charge.

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